5 Ways you Could Fly for Less

Planning a trip can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to look. The most expensive part of any holiday usually is booking the flight – unless you know a few tricks to get the best bargain. We have put together a list of things to do to get that cheap flight for your next holiday.

Don’t book flights directly from an airline

Instead, use online travel agencies. They often have cheaper offers, and you can compare different airlines with each other. There is also more than one flight comparing website, some of which are free to use. Google Flights is a good tool to get a first look. However, not all search engines are the same: some have bigger booking fees than others. There are a few sites that have been known to be cheap and easy to use, do some research before deciding on a website to use. 

Timing is everything

You should plan in advance and know when is the best time to book in order to get the best deals. The earlier you book in advance, the cheaper your tickets are going to be. Even peak season flights over summer or Christmas season can be offered at low fares if you time it just right. For summer, it’s often better to buy in January-February or wait until May-June. For Christmas-time trips, summer is the best time to start deal hunting. You should do some research into when to book which holiday before looking at flights. Google Flights offers an alert for cheap flights that you can set up to your preferences. If you sign up to it, you are able to book the right flight at the right time without having to check the websites all day long.

Search incognito 

You might start noticing that flights get more expensive the more often you pull up the website. This does not mean that they get more expensive with time, but that the website remembers you. Websites use your cookies to increase flight prices based on what you have been looking at. To get around that, always search for flights in incognito mode or in a private browser. Your cookies will automatically be deleted once you close an incognito window. To start looking, you should close all the windows, open a fresh private browser, and start searching. 

Be flexible

You should look at different connections and ways to get to your destination. You might have to fly through a different airport than originally planned or on a different day. Be flexible and don’t get too attached to a certain route on a certain day. A lot of search engines offer a tool that searches for different routes and times close to the options you searched for. 

Ignore the myths

There are a lot of rumors going around about how to get the cheapest flights. For example, it doesn’t matter on which day you book the flight. Airlines don’t have cheaper flights on Mondays than Tuesdays. Also, don’t book your ticket as soon as the flight comes out. 

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