Babyzen YoYo Black Friday Deals

babyzen yoyo black friday

You can get a complete YoYo+ bundle with discounts of 25 percent or more, including a 6-pack and a 0+ pack. Also, you can get a 20 percent discount on the NUNA MIXX 2 in Berry and Indigo colors. And if you’re looking for a stroller, you’ll save $100 on the 180 Black stroller with code cyber100. The CLEK company is also offering 20% off select items, and BRITAX is offering $100 off Rava.

25 percent off

The YOYO stroller has been a hit with parents since its first release in 2009. The super compact foldable stroller has been designed to accommodate busy urban life. Since then, the YOYO has gone through several refinements and still remains the company’s most popular baby product.

Easy to fold

The Babyzen YOYO is a unique, easy to fold stroller. It features a simple folding mechanism that folds the canopy and handle together. To fold the stroller, simply press the two red buttons located near the backrest. You can even do it while your baby is in the seat.

The BABYZEN YOYO has been a popular choice among families for years because of its one-second fold and revolutionary design. It has since expanded with the addition of car seat compatibility and bassinet features. As a result, it has evolved into a primary everyday pushchair. Its ultra-compact design and lightweight weight make it a great choice for parents.


The Babyzen Yoyo is a compact stroller that is lightweight and maneuverable. It is small enough to fit through a standard doorway, as well as into the boot of a car. The stroller can also fit comfortably in the passenger seat and footwell. The YOYO is also easy to steer, even with one hand. It also features a brake.

This lightweight stroller comes with multiple features and can be folded and unfolded in a matter of seconds. This makes it the perfect travel stroller. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in urban areas and small spaces. It is also easy to carry, due to its lightweight construction and easy shoulder strap.

Easy to maneuver

The Babyzen YoYo is a lightweight and easy to maneuver stroller that offers an excellent value for money. These strollers are made from the highest quality materials, are lightweight and fold compactly for easy storage, and offer a superior steering experience. This stroller is perfect for city dwellers and fits easily into an overhead compartment or car boot.

The YoYO is lightweight and very maneuverable, making it the ideal stroller for urban environments. It will fit in tight corners, crowded aisles, and narrow sidewalks. It is easy to steer with one hand, and it comes equipped with a single-action brake, which means you can quickly and safely stop the stroller in case of emergency.

Ideal for shopping

The BABYZEN YOYO is a lightweight, maneuverable stroller that can fit in any space. It is easy to push through tight turns and through crowded aisles. Its handlebars can be steered with one hand. The YOYO+ comes with a single-action brake.