Black Friday Hedge Trimmer Deals

black friday hedge trimmer deals

Black Friday is a great time to purchase a new hedge trimmer for your home. Manufacturers are offering discounts on their products during this period of the year. You can also get a great deal on a used trimmer from a reputable brand. We’ve listed a few popular brands below. These include Karcher, Einhell, Stihl, and Vonhaus. All of these companies are known for making great products.

Karcher HGE 18-50

The Karcher HGE 18-50 cordless hedge trimmer is an excellent option if you’re looking for a cordless hedge trimmer with a long blade. The machine comes with a 50-cm blade, which is plenty long for larger hedges and thicker branches. It also comes with an anti-jam system and a built-in blade protector to prevent it from jamming. Another nice feature is its saw function.

A good hedge trimmer will last for years. While some telescopic tools tend to get out of hand, this model is well balanced and has a 50-cm double-sided blade for easier trimming of thick branches. Its compact body is 10% lighter than its predecessors. However, it cannot compete with Bosch’s lightness.

Einhell GE-HC 18Li

If you’re a homeowner looking for a new hedge trimmer, the Einhell GE-HC 18L Ti cordless hedge trimmer is a great option. This tool is cordless and has a 46cm blade that will easily cut through a thick hedge. It also comes with a handy hanging hole and a bumper guard on the tip. This cordless tool has an 80-minute running time and comes with a battery that charges in around 40 minutes. You can also check the battery level easily with a clear indicator to make sure it’s fully charged.

The Einhell GE-HC 18LI hedge trimmer is a versatile tool that can handle a variety of different trimming jobs. Its telescopic pole can stretch up to 1.7m and features a pivoting head. The head can be used straight on to trim the side of a hedge and switched to an angle for cutting the top.


Whether you’re looking for a trimmer to trim your hedges or a chainsaw to cut branches, Stihl has a huge selection of lawn and garden tools and equipment. And now you can get those tools for a great price with the help of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

When it comes to trimming hedges, bigger is better. Whether you have a smaller yard or a taller one, a bigger trimmer will be easier to handle. A 45 to 55 cm trimmer is a good sweet spot for most people. But if you have a taller hedge, you may need to get one with more reach.

Another great option for a beginner is a cordless hedge trimmer. This model comes with a 40cm blade and a telescopic pole that can extend to 1.7m. It’s also comfortable to use and has a tip protector that covers the blade to keep it from spinning when you’re working in awkward angles. And it’s backed by a two-year warranty.


When it comes to buying a hedge trimmer, you’ll find that there are plenty of good deals available. Many of the popular brands are offering big discounts over the holidays, and the Vonhaus cordless hedge trimmer is no exception. From pre-Black Friday offers to Cyber Monday deals, Vonhaus is offering some excellent deals on their cordless trimmers.

For the price, the Vonhaus G-Series trimmer is a great option. This trimmer is lightweight and well balanced. The battery runs for an hour and a half on a single charge. It also has a battery that works with other Vonhaus tools, including the grass trimmer. One of the downsides of the trimmer is that it has a tiny hand guard.

Black & Decker

Whether you’re in need of a new hedge trimmer for a small yard or need one to trim a larger area, there are Black & Decker hedge trimmer deals available on Black Friday. These tools are ergonomically designed with a lever mechanism that rotates the blade around the top handle. This allows you to work along the top of your hedge or the sides.

The Black & Decker HT20 Hedge Trimmer has a powerful 3.8-amp motor and a 20-inch dual-action blade that reduces vibration by 40 percent. This allows you to cut hedges more effectively and comfortably. This trimmer also has a full wrap-around front handle that provides a comfortable grip in any cutting position. Its pre-hardened steel blades stay sharper longer and reduce user fatigue. It also features a cord retention and lock-off switch.