Explore the Top Selling Smart TVs

Everything is getting smarter by the day, phones, cars, televisions, even coffee machines! Whether we are at home, at work, or on the road, we most probably would be using any type of gadget. While growing up, TVs were known as electronic devices that caught certain frequencies and streamed certain shows on certain channels, sometimes. Now, a TV is a super-machine that could do a various amount of things that did even seem possible a couple of decades ago. Let’s start by explaining what do smart TVs exactly do.

What is a smart TV?

Unlike traditional TVs that did nothing but receive a signal from cables, antennas, and other A/V sources. Smart TVs offer connectivity to the world of the internet, meaning that they could do almost anything that a phone or a tablet would be capable of doing. Smart TVs are our nowadays home gadgets that allow us to stream anything that would please us, scroll down our social media timelines, directly watch our favorite movies and TV shows from platforms like Netflix and even play games.  Smart TVs could also be connected to gadgets such as Alexa and Google Home! The prices of this highly demanded gadget vary depending on the manufacturers, just like any other product, some companies are better at paying attention to details more than others. Here is a list of some of the best smart TVs of 2019!



 The LG C9 is by far the best Smart TV that is around at the moment. Weighing at only 55.6 pounds, this gadget has an impeccable OLED display. It is known for having the best all-around performance; with its HDMI 2.1 connectivity, great sound, and 120Hz refresh rate. The only thing that could be partially considered negative about this TV is the price, but if you want the best, you will need to pay the most. The 55-inch C9 starts at $1,600, while the price goes up to $5,000 for the 77-inch.


Vizio M Series Quantum :

The Quantum Dot screen M Series Quantum is one of the best Smart TVs that you get for a reasonable price that is right under $1000. The refresh rate of the Vizio M Series is not as high as the 120Hz of other modern smart TVs, but at one grand, 60Hz is not bad at all! The M series has a good sound quality along with the technology of local dimming and color-boosting for greater HDR performance. The most special thing about the Vizio M Series is the premium quantum dot display!


TCL 6-series 65-inch Roku TV :

The TCL 6 series Roku Smart TV offers a great experience as well as being light on the wallet. The prices of this impressive TV tops at $899. For a reasonable price, the TCL 6 series has a special backlight with 120 dimming zones, as well as great picture quality. The Roku TV platform is one of the most reliable when it comes to smart TVs. 


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