How To Maximize Black Friday Shopping Deals and Smile All The Way Home

Many would think internet shopping, which gives you a window to shop for what you want without leaving home or having to brave crowds of people, would’ve made retail holidays easier than ever. After all, you could just sit home with a cup of coffee and order the high-ticket item you want, without much effort on your part.

This was actually the case for a while. Back when internet shopping was still novel, it was relatively common to find amazing deals just by logging on to Amazon on Black Friday, with mostly static and generally quite amazing deals. However, as one would expect, this changed soon enough – and now doing Black Friday shopping from Amazon can require planning ahead if you want to be as effective as possible.


Black Friday is no longer just a day’s deal


The first thing you need to keep in mind is this, as it is a particularly strict rule with Amazon. Black Friday isn’t just about the day for the retail giant, nor is it about the week (Black Friday deals week,) but the whole month. During November, and often starting in October, Amazon hosts “Countdown to Black Friday” deals that are often just as good as what you’ll get on Black Friday itself. If you’re an early shopper, then keeping an eye on Amazon for great deals during the whole month – and even after Black Friday is recommended.


Cyber Monday is an institution


Cyber Monday was originally created with the idea of giving online shopping its own holiday. However, many online retailers kept using Black Friday for this, resulting in the current environment where online retailers offer both Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that extend over the weekend for more impact.

The above means that some of the items you want might not be on sale during Friday, but the Monday after – so keep an eye on the Amazon alerts of your preference. Usually, Cyber Monday is all in just for electronics, hardware, and digital products, but other offers appear quite often too.


The top Amazon deals are flexible


As a result of Amazon’s constant need for growth, the days where Black Friday deals were static and were timed for the whole day or week are mostly gone, at least for high-ticket items. These days, Amazon uses mostly flash sales when selling them.

This means you might have to stay tied to your computer or phone, checking it at regular intervals just so you can keep up with what’s currently – for just a couple hours, and in limited quantities – on sale.


Check the sales schedule


Amazon does publish a sale schedule of sorts, where many of the items are listed with time, date, and price. They’ll be available for you. Even when the items aren’t displayed, you’re usually given a hint regarding what will go on sale and when.

This should allow you to plan ahead relatively well if you’re looking for specific items – however, do keep in mind that not everything goes on sale, so it’s always a good idea to also look at other retailers when doing Black Friday shopping, even if Amazon happens to be your favorite.


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