Here Is How To Plan For Black Friday 2022

For shopaholics and frugal shoppers, the largest holiday of the year comes late in November, under the name of Black Friday: The day where borderline insane discounts are real, and where society embraces large expenses as part of the norm.

Yet, as with most things, knowing how to get the most of Black Friday is a bit of an art. While you can sure get savings on many things by just driving to your local retailer during the day, optimizing your Black Friday purchases requires some planning and knowledge to expect each year.

First thing first: When will Black Friday be?

Black Friday doesn’t have a specific recurring date, unlike other holidays. Instead, it always takes place the day after thanksgiving. For 2022, that would make it November 27th.

Besides the date, you should know a few other things: What to expect when Black Friday comes. While the holiday doesn’t tend to change greatly over the years, this particular year, there are a few differences you should expect.

Expect fewer doorbusters, if any

Due to the current situation, the institution of the doorbuster events where crowds of people walk into a store at the same time, all tightly packed against each other, might not be a great idea.

That’s not to say nobody will host them, as there’s always someone willing to, but you should temper your expectations regarding this, as many places likely will forego them.

Smaller events, smaller crowds

Most stores will likely still celebrate Black Friday somehow, just with limitations. Don’t be shocked if stores have limits on the number of people they’ll let in, for example.

While queues forming outside the store is hardly a great thing, it beats having people tightly packed inside the store.

Spread out events

Since being careful will be the name of the game this year, expect many retailers to no longer host a single “Black Friday” event. Instead, you should expect what has so far been a trend to continue even harder, with stores putting items, even high-ticket ones, on sale days or weeks earlier than usual.

Also, expect said items to come in as a trickle – as rolling out sales slowly is a way to prevent huge crowds, hopefully without losing many sales.

Online shopping will flourish

For retailers with an online component, which is basically every large retailer in America, the internet will become the main sales vehicle this year.

Many stores will likely try to host virtual events, even those whose online presence so far has been small or relatively quiet. 

Expect huge offers anyway

It’s been a very bad year for retail so far, what with a pandemic and a recession taking place. To offset this, many retailers will be betting on huge sales once the season arrives – and huge sales come with huge savings.

Loss-leader items will likely be more common than in previous years, as retailers try to do away with unsold merchandise while attracting customers.

In the end, while Black Friday 2022 will certainly be unusual, it will also likely bring just as many, if not more sales than the usual. You just have to know what to expect.

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