Smart Home Devices Which Will Change Your Life

The concept of the smart home once seemed futuristic, like something from a Sci-fi movie. Given today’s rapid technological advancements, establishing a smart home is more realistic than you’d think!

In today’s digital age we can perform various functions via a click of a button or voice command, including turning off lights, playing music, locking doors and more. The smart home has finally arrived, in fact, it can set up by either coordinating an Amazon Echo Dot, or if you’re feeling more extravagant via a network of connected devices.

What’s great is you can personalize your smart home based on what suits you, whether you’re seeking commitment or zero hassle.

One of the biggest considerations of all is deciding which smart devices are worth investing in. But which devices are most recommended for helping you forge your dream smart home?

Amazon Echo (2nd Gen)

One of the best smart speakers on the market, the Amazon Echo leverages the power of Alexa to offer a smart experience like no other.

The Amazon Echo was one of the first Smart products on the market, since transforming millions of homes across the world. Watch out for this sequel though!

This affordable, second-generation device comes complete with a fabric finish, creating an affordable yet stylish aesthetic. What’s great is Amazon continues to upgrade the product based on emerging technological advancements, enabling the 2nd Gen Amazon Echo to retain competitiveness among rivaling products like Google Home and the Apple Homepod.

Google Nest Hub Max

This display-led speaker comes complete in a stylish design, an excellent music-friendly speaker with a modern smart display.

It is essentially a larger version of the Google Home Hub, however, where it differs is with the presence of a front-facing camera. It’s compatible with other Google devices too, where it can connect with the Nest platform to operate as a functional camera.

Admittedly the smart home camera needs a little work, but the speaker itself is a great device. It acts as a mini Hi-Fi, integrating with Google Assistant for responsive user experience.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

This next-generation device has a great design, accompanied by an easy to use app which makes navigation straight forward. What’s great is the product uses motion tracking, with a battery that retains its charge long enough to avoid constant recharging.

The system can be integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, creating the perfect setup for smart home enthusiasts. This battery-powered device provides security and peace of mind for consumers, with effortless functionality.

What’s useful is the Ring Video Doorbell 2 covers all the bases, offering advanced security and protection from unwanted visitors. This product will certainly keep you entertained when you’re in the mood for a blast of music!

Enjoy one of these great smart devices and you’ll catapult into a new technological horizon.

Embrace the future of technology, today! There are plenty of other smart devices on the market which complement these, so be certain to explore others at your own leisure and create your very own smart home!

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