These Are The Most Anticipated Tech Gadgets Deals For Black Friday

Black Friday is the holiday where many people allow themselves to splurge a bit, often on things they might not need but definitely want. The one type of product that tends to fill this description better than any other is tech gadgets: After all, most people don’t need tablets, e-readers, smart speakers, or smart lights for their everyday lives, to name a few. But certainly, they make our lives easier and more entertaining – plus there is a thrill to using a new gadget that just a few other things give us.

Retailers know the psychology of new acquisitions, and that’s why gadgets and technology items are often considered hot-ticket items for Black Friday. And while not all of them go on sale, and usually newer items have notoriously smaller discounts than older ones. In other cases, older items are used as loss leaders, there are always interesting and at times too -good- to- miss offers at the tech corner.

Tablet Computers 

Most people don’t need a tablet computer. However, people who own them quickly find out they can’t live without them – as they give us almost all the features of a smartphone (and more) without the size limitations.

This is why tablet computers are very commonly sought -after during the holidays –, and their prices can go from dirt cheap (Amazon had its entry-level Fire 7 tablet going for just $29.99 last year) to premium-priced ones. This year’s top tablet PC is arguably the latest 10.2-inch Apple iPad WIFI 32G, although going for a lower-tier one can also be a good idea.


Video Doorbells

Video doorbells might not be precisely fun, but they’re extremely useful since they allow you to know who’s at the door at any time and even record what’s going on out there if needed.

This year, the Arlo Video Doorbell has made waves thanks to its ease of use and numerous features, is considered the best video doorbell out there by many. However, as with all gadgets, there are offerings for all price and feature ranges – so shopping around isn’t a bad idea either.


Wireless Earbuds

Initially thought of as a niche offering, wireless earbuds have quickly found a spot in the cultural zeitgeist and are these days commonly seen all over the place. After all, not having to deal with messy, tangly, easily broken cables means more comfort and higher durability for your earpieces (although, of course, at a higher price too.)

While there are plenty of models out there, with prices ranging from $19.99 to hundreds of dollars a pair, the most commonly considered amazing wireless earbuds today are the Apple Airpods Pro (shocking, yeah?) and the TaoTronics SoundLiberty series.



Soundbars are the home theatre speakers most people did not know they needed until they got a hold of these alluring add-ons. By turning stereo systems into multi-speaker ones with multiple possible exits and directions, a soundbar can easily change your home video experience while also being great for music.

Naturally, most of them come at a price with the cheaper ones sitting at around $100 with more expensive, premium models like the Sonos Arc landing much closer to the $1000 price tag. This hefty price is a good reason to dig for Black Friday deals and enjoy the discount available. 


Tech gadgets are the in-thing around the globe, and with new models churned out by the day, all the deals you can get will surely be worth the while.



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