What to Look for When Buying a Camera for Your Vlog

There are as many features on cameras these days as there are brands and models to choose from. Virtually every camera is going to have its own unique combination of features, making it more or less appropriate for a given photographer or film-maker. Here is a list of key features that you should prioritize when looking for a camera to launch or step up the quality of your vlog.



OIS stands for optical image stabilization. You might see it also called 5-axis image stabilization. Basically, this feature is going to help prevent your video from being shaky if you’re moving around while filming. If you want to create vlog posts that won’t give your viewers vertigo, OIS is a high priority.


Low-light Performance

Lighting conditions vary constantly. Clouds move in front of the sun and cast a shadow. Every room in your house has windows allowing different amounts of light in and directs them to different places. Good low-light performance is a must in a vlogging camera. There are so many factors that add up to good or bad low light performance in a camera that we can’t really get into them here. Do some research on this aspect of cameras and arm yourself with knowledge about aperture and sensor sizes so that you can make informed decisions when you get to the nitty-gritty of comparing camera specs.



This seems simple but your camera will get heavy if you are lugging it around all day. It probably shouldn’t be your top priority, but having a lightweight camera (that still means video quality requirements) can make shooting a much more pleasurable experience. You’ll need to shoot and post often to keep viewers interested so it’s not a good idea to give yourself any reason to resent your camera.


Flip Screen

Again, not a deal-breaker but a flip screen makes filming yourself much easier. Keep yourself in frame with ease by flipping the viewing screen around to keep track of your image as you create content.



Built-in microphones are common on cameras. Ideally, a vlogger’s microphone will be on the front of the camera, facing the action as they record. Far preferable for a vlogger, however, would be the option to input an external microphone. The better the audio quality, the better the quality of the video, and therefore the better the quality of the vlog overall. If an external mic is in your budget, don’t skimp.



This is a feature that is built into many cameras today but check to make sure it is included on the models you are comparing. With Wi-Fi capability, you can record and send video to your phone almost instantly, allowing you to post at the drop of a hat if you need to.

Remember that cameras with high-quality features are going to cost more. It’s a good practice to set yourself a budget cap before shopping. It’s an easy way to avoid being tempted by something you can’t afford. Search cameras and compare these features and you’ll be blogging with high-quality video in no time!


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